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20 Rep Squats is the only app in the app store dedicated to the most intense workout you'll ever do - the 20 Rep Squat! Get it now for your iPhone, iPod, or iPad!

  • Built Just For You

    Built specifically for 20 Rep Squatters, it is designed to quickly and easily track your workout!
  • Get Huge – Fast!

    20 Rep Squats will help you pack on the muscle and lose fat, faster than any other workout!
  • Metric and Imperial

    No matter how you work out, 20 Rep Squats has you covered, with support for metric and imperial weights!

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    Track Your Workouts

    Easily keep track of the date, length, weight, and results of every workout

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    Chart Your Progress

    View charts of weight, reps and workout length, to see how you are progressing over time

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    See Your History

    You can see the entire history of all your workouts, so you'll always know what you did and when you did it

20 Rep Squats (c) 2013 Marty Dill